The mandate of this blog is to create an online archive of information about Roland Caldwell Harris, the City of Toronto works commissioner between 1912 and 1945. He held that position longer than any other individual, before or since. But Harris was much more than a long-serving bureaucrat. His legacy is apparent throughout the old City of Toronto.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

R.C. Harris family photo album

The photos posted to my flickr site -- -- are from an album of photographs taken by R.C. Harris, currently on loan with the Toronto Archives. They include landscape shots, photos from trips to the United States, images of Toronto, and many portraits of his family, including his wife, Alice Ingram, his mother and father-in-law, his two children Katherine and Roland Jr., and images of Emerson Clewlo, the Harris' second child, who died of pneumonia brought on by a strep-related infection in January 1906.

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